Hi all you doomsters out there! You know that cool things are happening in the Candlemass camp, and YES, there’s a new C-mass album being recorded RIGHT NOW!

I know, we said that it wouldn’t happen, but so much good energy is surrounding us at the moment so it had to be done!  HOUSE OF DOOM triggered all this!

I met some very positive people in Malta last year who wanted to make an Igame based on Candlemass and our music. One thing led to another and I wrote HOUSE OF DOOM.

That was the starting point of a new, better, improved CANDLEMASS☺ The vibe is great in the band and we will be back this year with something we can be very proud of!

So listen to HOUSE OF DOOM, best thing we’ve done in a long time. Also try the game, have fun and win some very cool prices:-)  We will also on this homepage keep you updated on the progress of the new album! And I promise you…it will be KILLER!!

Leif Edling  (april 25 2018)