CANDLEMASS was formed by bass player/songwriter Leif Edling in 1984 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Their first album from 1986, ‘Epicus Doomicus Metallicus’ is considered a masterpiece not only in doom metal, but in the whole metal scene.

This was followed by ‘Nightfall’ in 1987 and featured Messiah Marcolin on vocals who sang on another two classic Candlemass albums: ‘Ancient Dreams’ (1988) and ‘Tales of Creation’ (1989).

‘Nightfall’ was also the first album to feature the classic line-up of Leif Edling (bass), Mappe Björkman (guitar), Lasse Johansson (lead guitar) and Janne Lindh (drums).

After ‘Chapter VI’ with Thomas Wikstrom on vocals (1992) , only the leader Leif Edling remained in the band until 10 years later when the Nightfall line-up reformed…

In 2005, Candlemass were back with their grammy-winning album ‘Candlemass’.

King of the Grey Islands’ was released in 2007 and Messiah was once again replaced, this time by Robert Lowe. Robert also sang on ‘Death Magic Doom’ (2009) and ‘Psalms for the Dead’ (2012).

The release party in Stockholm for ‘Psalms for the Dead’ was the first show with singer Mats Leven. Mats had been recording four albums previously with two of Leif’s side projects (Abstrakt Algebra & Krux) and had also helped Candlemass through the years with demo recordings. Already after the first few shows that summer, Candlemass felt they were on the right track again.

In 2013, Candlemass were voted Best Swedish Hard Rock Band ever and the last few years have established the band as one of the best live bands on the scene.

The EP ‘Death Thy Lover’ was released in 2016 to celebrate 30 years since the first album.

Leif couldn’t do live shows for several years because of his chronic fatigue syndrome, but he was finally back again at Wacken 2017.

Now in March 2018, a collaboration with game company Hyperfrost has been announced – House of Doom. This has truly inspired Leif and the band.

On May 25th 2018, the House of Doom EP is released (+ 3 new extra tracks) through Napalm Records.