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Acclaimed run of musical in New York, on Broadway and earlier triumphant performance in Millburn was suggested to audience by Jerry Zaks and Robert De Niro (directors of this performance). The play has a plucky setting and raging music. The story is based on a life of an almost ordinary Bronx boy, who has become a part of a criminal world in the early 1960s. How will it end up for him? How will his father react? There was a one-man show from Chazz Palminteri, which has become a base for A BRONX TALE. Previously, in 1993, a movie was shot based on this show.


Alan Menken (American pianist, musical theater and film score composer) created pulsing, raging, energetic and lively music for the show. He is well-known for his scores produced for Disney's modern animation classics (The Little Mermaid, Pocahontos, Hercules, etc.). Dozens of famous Awards proved his talent before, and A Bronx Tale is not an exception. Lyrics were written by Glen Slater (3 Tony nominations in 2008, 2011 and 2016). Paper Mill Playhouse was showing up a world premiere of the musical. Hundreds of brilliant reviews were received. One of them described the play as a story, which was able to merge soul, heart and mind in an exceptionally charming atmosphere supported by an absolutely powerful soundtrack.


Calogero is growing up in Bronx. He knows everyone in this noisy, fussy and loud Italian-American neighborhood. His life has rapidly changed, when Calogero becomes a witness of a murder committed by mob boss Sonny, one of the most famous and redoubtable person in their district. Calogero choose to be quiet when asked by detectives what has happened. And that decision impressed Sonny so much, that he made this young boy his “right hand”. Calogero's father doesn't like this kind of collaboration and tries to do everything to protect his son from the criminal life.