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CANDLEMASS is a Swedish epic doom metal band formed in Stockholm in 1985. They are multi-grammy winners back home and were also nominated for a US grammy in 2019 for Best Hardrock/ Metal performance.

The band's debut album “EPICUS DOOMICUS METALLICUS” was released in 1986 and is considered a classic of the genre together with the follow up “NIGHTFALL”. Both albums are often featured when influential records of the decade are listed.

CANDLEMASS remains one of the most important and influential bands in the history of doom metal. Constantly touring they still sell out venues from Tokyo to L.A. Relentlessly the band’s unique brand of heavy, epic, powerful music continues to resonate with fans of metal all around the world even today, 38 years after the birth in northern Stockholm suburbia Upplands Väsby.

The latest album “Sweet Evil Sun” was released on Nov 12 (2022) by Napalm Records.

Candlemass are:
Leif Edling - bass
Johan Länquist - vocals
Mats "Mappe” Björkman - guitar
Lars "Lasse” Johansson - lead guitar
Jan Lind - drums


Date 2024 City/Country Venue/Festival
Jan 25 Osaka, JP Club Quattro
Jan 26 Tokyo, JP Club Quattro
Mar 9 Stockholm, SWE Fryshuset SOLD OUT!
Mar 19 Chicago IL, US Reggies SOLD OUT!
Mar 21-22 Houston, US Hell's Heroes VI
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Mar 23 Denver, US Oriental Theater
Mar 28 Oslo, NO Inferno Festival
April 19 Malmö, SWE Plan B
April 20 Göteborg, SWE SURR Arena
May 10 Bomal Sur Ourthe, BE Durbuy Rock Festival
August 30-Sept 1 Câmpulung Muscel, Romania Posada Rock
November 8 Örebro, SWE Frimis Salonger
November 9 Linköping, SWE Platens Bar
Date 2025 City/Country Venue/Festival
Jan 30 - Feb 3 Miami FL, US 70000 Tons of Metal

Dates also announced at the official facebook page!

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Latest album "Sweet Evil Sun"

Sweet Evil Sun

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Studio albums

Sweet Evil Sun (2022)
The Door to Doom (2019)
Psalms for the Dead (2012)
Death Magic Doom (2009)
King of the Grey Islands (2007)
Candlemass (2005)
From the 13th Sun (1999)
Dactylis Glomerata (1998)
Chapter VI (1992)
Tales of Creation (1989)
Ancient Dreams (1988)
Nigthfall (1987)
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus (1986)

Various releases

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