Epic Shoes

Candlemass is pleased to announce a collaboration with ‘The Label 318’  to bring you a very special and never before made custom design of a Converse All Star shoe; to commemorate the 35 year anniversary edition of the Epicus Doomicus Metallicus album release.
There will be two slightly different designs to chose from.
These shoes will only be made to order.  They will not be available in regular shoe outlets or from any other supplier.  The size to order will be listed in Men’s US-size, so please check up what size will fit you. There will be no returns once the shoes have been made. Even though we know this will be a sought after collectible; we truly would like to see you wearing them and enjoying them, rather than putting them on the shelf. 

Delivery will be about 5 weeks from the time the order is placed.

Prices will be listed in US$ and because these shoes ship exclusively from the USA, orders going to Europe / UK will be offered at a slightly reduced purchase cost, to compensate for some of the shipping and import expenses.

For further info and  how to order, go to thelabel318.com/collaborations